Four Steps to Solving Your Money Problems

Are you having a hard time with your finances?

Do you even care about savings and retirement?

Are you lost and don't know when, where and how to start?

Many of us just go with the flow. We don't think much for long-term. Then when the need arise, we complain about our life, our salary, put the blame on the government or the company we are working for.

That is immaturity. We shouldn't be blaming others because there's no one to blame but ourselves.

Here is a little financial education from me. This is what I personally did to finally start in investment and retirement, therefore solved my money problems.

Four Steps to Solve Money Problems:

1. Get out of Debt.

I read a lot of financial books. I noticed that every successful person has different approach in their finances. So, I picked what is convenient for me and what I thought would work best.

What I did was, I set aside 20% and sometimes more from my salary. This went to my savings/investment bucket.

But, before I started diversifying my money on investments, the first thing that I did was to get out of debt. My money allotment was focused on to my debts only. It was easier. I zeroed out my debts faster.

Focusing on one thing is a lot more effective than trying to do very little of everything.

2. Save for an Emergency Fund.

Set aside 3 to 6 months of your monthly expenses. Write down how much you spend in a month. The total amount times 3 to 6 months will be your emergency fund.

My written monthly expenses back then.

This is my written monthly expenses back then.

This will be very useful when unexpected things happen. For example, someone got seriously sick in your family (I pray it won't happen) or you got fired in your job. This will serve as your money supply. You won't need to borrow money just to survive.

I was unemployed for less than a year. My emergency fund let me live comfortably still. Also, I was able to still put money on my investments even I have no money coming in.

3. Invest in healthcare with life insurance.

Why do I need to spend for a healthcare with life insurance? I already have an HMO provided by my company.

​Yes, that's true, but the reality is, when you leave your job you will also be leaving your HMO from your company.

Having a healthcare with life insurance of your own will give you relief that even the company kicks you out or you resign, you and your family will still be protected. And what's good about healthcare with life insurance is that, it will also serve as your income replacement.

For example you die too soon, (I hope not) your family won't starve because they will still be receiving the same amount of money you are providing them through the life insurance.

Or you live too long, you won't be having problems with living a comfortable life because your life insurance will serve as your pension, only it will provide you a much bigger amount of money.​

I bought Kaiser International as my healthcare with life insurance. Learn more about this in IMG, International Marketing Group. They also provide financial education and seminars for FREE.

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4. Invest on speculative stocks.

Stock market is the safest place to put your money if you know the right way of doing it. The secret to investing in the stock market is by doing it long-term.

I am a member of the Truly Ric h Club​. Bo Sanchez, the founder of the Truly Rich Club, and his team has been guiding me in buying and selling stock shares.

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COL Financial Inc. is my online stock broker. They also give FREE training and seminars in stock trading and investing.​

There you go. These are the four practical steps that I did to solve my money problem. I am not saying that I am already financially free. But I am getting there.

All of these aren't enough. What do you think is the real solution to money problems? As George Patton once said, "A good plan implemented TODAY is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow."

It's true! You might have been planning for years to solve your money problems. But tell me, when did you TAKE ACTION?

START TODAY and see yourself, little by little, attaining financial freedom.

Do you also have your own steps on how to solve money problems? Have you started implementing it? Was it effective? Share your thoughts below. I'd love to learn from you.

About the Author Jenrose Arellano

Jenrose Arellano is a No Ordinary Virtual Assistant, a Blogger and an Entrepreneur. She is a Truly Rich Club Affiliate, Financial Associate at International Marketing Group, and a Small Business Owner. Visit her website here: