Find Joy In Your Daily Life

Find Joy In Your Daily Life

​Is this familiar to you?

Go to work, do work, eat at Mc Donald's or Jollibee, or at the pantry. Then, you go home, eat dinner, help the kids with homework or watch TV and check Facebook, and go to bed.

The cycle then repeats the next day.​

If you're like most people, this routine goes on day-after-day.

Is it possible to find joy in such a routine as this? Yes of course!

Look at where you are

Are you feeling depressed? Look at your life and see where you are.

Compare yourself to other people in countries (even just here in the Philippines) who don’t have it as good as you.

How many times do you eat in a day?

What should you be thankful for today?​

Maybe you view your life as routine, but as long as you are in good health and you have your life necessities, you are already ahead of the game.

Do you have kids?​

Living with little ones can be difficult and is definitely a lot of work.

However, remember that it won't be long before they are out of the house and on their own.

I always am amazed by how time flies.

One minute, my kids are with me, just playing inside the house and they don't want to leave my side.​ Then in just the blink of an eye, they're already in school with their own friends.

I'm still lucky that they love to accompany me every time we go out on weekends.

I'm enjoying my time with them now while I still have the chance.

Are you not happy with your routine?

If you're not happy with your routine, try to find ways to spice things up.

At work, start working with people whom you are not familiar with. Or level up your skills so you ccan take on new and exciting work.

Now that I am working from home and have online clients, I find that communication between us is vital.

If I find that I am not so happy with what I am doing anymore, I ask my clients if I can move on to other things. However, this rarely happens because I am doing work that I love now.

I love helping my clients with copywriting and in completing their sales funnels.

Are you doing work that you don't love?

Then go and find work that you love.

According to Confucius, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I know that you have heard of this quote before but maybe you dismissed it because circumstances lead you to get a job that you did not like back then.

What are you doing now to change that circumstance?

I love this video below with Nick Vujicic on looking for hope and always having a choice.

Work now with the goal of reaching your dream job and you might find yourself enjoying your daily routine more because it helps you get closer to your goal.

Is financial stability one of your goals? Mine too!

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