Announces 15th Cycle Opening Announces 15th Cycle Opening! has recently announced that their 15th cycle should have started on Aug 21, 2017 for new investors.

“Should” being the operative word because their website has been down for more than a week now.FarmOn site downFarmOn site down

In the time of this writing, their website is still down.

I hope that they fix it right away because I really like their business model.

It’s a good addition to your investment portfolio aside from stocks and mutual funds.

What is FarmOn?

From their website, “ is a crowdfunding community where people can help farmers on their financial needs and at the same time reap rewards for their contributions. was developed by Sproads, a web publishing company based in Manila.”

This is the old “patanim, pa-ani” method where you fund the farmers’ seedlings so they can grow the crops, sell them, and return your fund plus interest.

How cool is that?

What happens when your crops got destroyed by typhoon or drought?

They’ll replace it, for free! No extra costs on you. Downside though is it will lengthen your supposed investment cycle. It’s ok, shit happens. Remember: you are helping the farmers.

This is great in that you can be assured that your crops will get planted and harvested no matter what.

Here is a webinar we did with one FarmOner

I am still waiting for their site to be back up so I can try to invest with them too!


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