7 Ways to Make Money Online In The Philippines

7 Ways to Make Money Online In The Philippines

The Internet is a vast horizon of information and opportunities. It is a connection to all forms of relationships making it a huge capital to invest in. It might be the greener pasture for those who are seeking opportunities to earn money. It can also be a huge help for students who wish to have a side job to add their allowances.

We give you 7 ways on how to make money online in this article.

Why choose to make money online?

Why not?

The online world has a very low requirement yet very huge outcomes. All you need is a gadget, an internet plan, and your skill.

If we look closer, there are three characteristics that make the internet an attractive market to invest in.

First, the Internet generates information fast. A lot of things can pop out in just a click. It will be up to you to filter out the relevant things from the irrelevant ones.

The access to the online world is affordable. In the Philippines, even though the network providers are taking advantage of the data we use or at some point they provide inadequate speeds for consumers, it is priced affordably. This is despite the fact that we hear on the news that our internet in this country is expensive.

The Internet is readily accessible for all. You can even use the internet in public libraries. I know and have tried myself that in the Quezon City Public Library, you can use their computers there and surf the internet for free.

More than all these is the accessibility to connections online. Almost all Filipinos are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. The online interactions we make are social capitals themselves. These become an avenue for the exchanges of opportunities which can be ventured in.

With all the said conditions, it boils down to the question of which opportunities must an online venturer must go into?

As a Filipino, here are seven ways to make money online.

Be a Virtual Assistant

This is like being a secretary but in the online world.

Business Owners are too busy running their business that at some point they need to delegate some of their tasks. This is where virtual assistants come in to play. They help business owners manage their business by specializing in a specific area. The beauty of this method is you won’t be overloaded with things, like the entrepreneur.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have full control over your work time whether to work part-time or full-time. This freedom to choose your working condition is because your clients can be from anywhere around the world. You can also find clients that align with the hours you are available to work.

On the other hand, there’s a catch! In exchange for a desirable work condition, you’ll get no paid vacations, no paid benefits, and you’ll get to do your own tax paper works. If these are things that don’t bother you, then go ahead and earn through this method!

There are a lot of sites where you can be a Virtual Assistant in. In the Philippines, there are sites like Virtual Staff Finder, TaskBullet. There are also larger Virtual Assistant sites, like Upwork, Guru, Prialto, and others. This is a growing market, which means that there are competitive interactions on demand. If this is something you would want to try, there are a lot of tutorials and a lot of people who can also guide you along the way.

Visit here to know more about being a virtual assistant.

Investing in FarmOn.ph

You might have heard of crowdfunding where people invest in a company in exchange for a profit, whether equity or cash. FarmOn.ph works the same way.

FarmOn.ph is a notable crowdfunding community where people can invest in farmers to aid them with their financial needs and reap a decent return on investment as a reward for the support a funder provides. Through FarmOn, you can become a crowd funder or an investor in agriculture.

To participate in this noble cause, here are some things you should expect.

A new project to be funded by crowdfunding is opened each cycle.

The funder then chooses the specific product from a list of target investment. The animal raising or farming progress is viewed through online videos over time. If the project is successful it’s harvest time! The members will receive their share of return on investment.

Investing in Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund is a consolidation of money from individuals and corporate investors. These funds are professionally managed by a finance manager who will invest the money in financial securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, or money market instruments).

How do investors make money out of the Mutual Fund? There are a couple of ways to earn from the mutual fund. You can earn either through capital gain or the “increase” in the securities’ worth owned and held by the fund and through dividend received from the fund’s held assets. These net proceeds translate as income to the mutual fund investors.

There are many different types of mutual funds available in the Philippines. There are the three basic types: stock funds, bond funds, and money market funds. The balanced funds, a hybrid type of mutual fund, is an investment through the combination of the three basic types.

Generally, stock mutual funds are long-term period investments.

In the Philippines, The funds invest in stocks of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) List of Philippine corporations. These Stock Funds promises the highest possibility of growth among all mutual fund types but this also means that it is a high-risk investment.

The bond funds are intermediate-term period investments, appropriate for 5 to 10 years. These invest in fixed-income securities, such as Philippine government-issued securities and some Private Company-issued commercial papers (corporate bonds, LTNCD, etc.). These type of mutual fund promises low loss possibility. This is best when companies and individuals would want to preserve capital while maintaining asset growth.

The money market funds are investments for short-term periods, normally less than 3 years. Money market funds have many similarities with respect to bond funds because the investments are also placed in fixed-income securities expecting conservative growth.

What makes this different from the bond funds is in the terms of the money market fund investments, which is normally short-term such as one year or less. This basically means that an investor must be able to assess what is his risk-preference and his priorities to be able to assess his longevity in this type of market.

Investing in the Stock Market

If you are in a wet market, you buy meat and fish; in the stock market, you buy and sell stocks from companies like PLDT, Ayala Land, Meralco, and many more.

This is basically just another market you’d want to venture in where you end up being a part-owner of some of the biggest companies in the Philippines! There are generally three steps to earn from stocks.

Firstly, you can earn through the initial dividend yield on cost.

Secondly, through the growth in the inherent value per share, where for most institutions, this sums up to the growth in profit per share.

Lastly, through the change in the value applied to the firm’s assets and earnings, often calculated by the price-to-earnings ratio. While investing in stocks promises a huge amount of profit there are things to remember out there. It is super volatile in the short-term.

Stock prices can rise or fall sharply due to any fluctuations in trends. Second is that stocks are super risky especially when you invested in the wrong stock, this is where you risk losing the value of your investment. Finally is that you have to know how to analyze a stock. This is not to discourage people to invest in stocks but notice that this is a crucial factor in being a successful investor.

For beginners out there, stocks just require more time and more effort in choosing the right stock.

Joining IMG

IMG is a rising concept that aims to assist people who want to help in establishing their own financial foundation. IMG serves the people in three crucial roles: As a School, an Investment, and an Advocacy.

As a ground for learning, IMG encourages people to be trained financially because they believe that when an individual must be equipped with what risks are ahead for them. People will have an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and consult with other members who are financially learned. IMG is a great community of financial literacy advocates and practitioners.

As an Investment, note that IMG’s nature is a financial brokerage.

In this institution, a member can also procure mutual funds, insurance, real estate and other instruments from its partners. It is going to be more convenient for you since it’s just a one-stop shop when you invest with IMG partners like Kaiser (HMO), PhilamLife (Insurance), PhilEquity (Mutual Fund), Ayala Land(real estate) or any of the companies it represents. The investor will only contact one person to take care of all the insurance, healthcare, and mutual fund.

Moreover, There is trust and assurance that the person the investor is transacting with financially educated and any sale stalker one randomly crosses paths with.

To engage through IMG, you will have to:

a) Become a Member by paying the P3,700 fee and start attending training. b) Purchase the Kaiser Health Plan. c) You become a broker for all the financial product provider-partners. d) Share the blessings by spreading the word.

As a business that is educationally-backed, Finally, IMG also serves as an advocacy to impart financial literacy to Filipino’s all over the globe. If you do IMG as a means to earn, then it is part of the training that you should master financial literacy because, in the end, you will be teaching it to others. This may be unappealing to some, but IMG promises that it is more financially rewarding.

Email us at – tasha@financewisdompinoys.com if you want to know more about IMG.

Selling online using your own online store or through Shopee

E-Commerce is rising in the country. It is because of the low operating cost, effective consumer tracking and customer experience, and expanded reach. Alongside the fast-paced economy that involves mass traffic, longer working hours, Filipino workers tend to look at the internet for things they want to buy. This allows it to entice more Filipino entrepreneurs to engage in stores like Shopee and Lazada.

All you need is an app, to register as a seller, and to honestly market your product. Meanwhile, as it is so accessible to sellers and consumers, there is also a growing competition, which is not bad, but you would have to prove your market that your product and service is legit.

Another con would be the logistical damage to your product, causing consumers to rage in anger and ask for a refund. While it is an imperfect system, e-commerce is developing and you can get to play an important role in it.

Being a Lazada affiliate

The Affiliate Program offers the Filipino Market to earn an additional income by partnering with online shopping mall by monetizing your website and apps through its affiliates program by a revenue-sharing model with up to 12% commission from each generated order.

With a very minimum requirement of promoting Lazada in your social media profile like your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can get a commission, if and only
if a potential customer buys an item from Lazada. It may not be a sustainable income generation but at least you are earning.

All in all, these are just a few of the opportunities available out there.

Earning money doesn’t really need to be putting too much effort, but also it also doesn’t mean investors have to be complacent. Financial management and literacy are crucial factors in determining how successful can you be as an investor, a seller, or a business person.

The Internet is a vast horizon of information and opportunities. Moreover, it is a connection to all forms of relationships making it a huge capital to invest in. For all you folks who have read our 7 ways to earn money. We say “it is about time to earn and profit from the internet!” Make money online!

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