Save Money Grocery Shopping

5 Tips For You To Save Money While Grocery Shopping

December is fast approaching and if you are like me, who does the grocery shopping for the family, you may have noticed that prices at the grocery store have gone up.

I usually enjoy grocery shopping. You know, putting those yummy stuff in your grocery cart but then the ‘ouch’ part comes when I see the total price at the register.

Ka-ching! Your money bites the dust.

Because of this, I make sure to do all that I can to budget our money for grocery shopping.

Here are some tips that I found helpful so you can save money grocery shopping.

Make A Grocery List And Stick To It

Make sure you check your food cabinet first to see what you have.

Check your refrigerator too if you have left overs that you can still eat.

Then plan your meals and stick to your grocery list to help avoid impulse buying or costly mistakes like falling for the displays at the end of the aisles. (I see you, you damned Fruitella!)

Don’t Go To The Store Hungry

If you are hungry, everything will look delicious to you.

You’ll end up grabbing extras that aren’t on your list.

Do Not Buy Bottled Water

It does not only hurt the environment, but it hurts your pocket as well.

You can have a water filter installed at your house for which will give you huge savings.

Buy a ceramic water filter from ACE Hardware.

Ours is already a year old and is still providing us with clean water. I just clean the ceramic filter inside about once a week when there is less water coming out from it.

If you cannot install the water filter yourself, have someone from Helply install it for you.

Compute The Price

This is what I usually do.

So for detergent, you can compute which is cheaper. The one in sachets, or the one for One Kilo?

I also do this for other stuff like powdered milk, alcohol, corned beef, etc.

Sometimes the savings is enormous!

Buy Generic

May Ritemed ba nito? You can also use this in grocery shopping!

Recently, I bought an unknown oatmeal brand instead of Quaker Oats because of the huge price difference.

Just make sure to read the label and ingredients.

Is the packaging durable? Does it look cheap or does it look OK?

Also note where the product is from.

So there you have it!

Let me know in the comments how these tips have helped you.

Enjoy your grocery shopping!

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